Name Isabella

Isabella is an attractive girl’s name. This name is currently one of the most popular names in the UK at the moment. Sometime you hear people called the Isabel or Bella as a pet form of this name. On this page you will discover the meaning of the name Isabella, its popularity in England and famous people with the first name.

Meaning and Origin

Isabella is a variant on the name Elizabeth and Isabel. The name means ‘God is my oath’.


Isabella is the 9th most popular baby girl’s name in England at the moment according to the latest government statistics.

Famous People Called Isabella

Here is our list of a few people in the public eye with the first name Isabella.

  • Isabella Rossellini – Is an Italian actress and model.
  • Isabella Calthorpe – Is an English actress and model. She has strong connections with the Royal Family.
  • Isabella of France – was the wife of the English King, Edward II.
  • Isabella Leong – is an Asian based actress and singer.

Post you comments below if you know of any celebrities with the 1st name Isabella.

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