Meaning and Origin of the Name Ivy

The name Ivy is a quintessentially appropriate name for an English baby girl as the word for this group of scaling and sprawling plants is derived from the Old English word “ifig”, meaning to climb.


Although Ivy was not in the 100 most popular baby girl’s name in England in 2012, it is more popular here in the twenty first century than it has been in centuries.

History of the Name

While there is the unfortunate association with the bothersome and all too common “poison ivy”, known to cause an itchy allergic reaction, a daughter named Ivy is said to mature into a trustworthy and altruistic adult with a knack for expressing their artistic side.

Famous Female Called Ivy

A few of the more famous women named Ivy include:

Ivy Bean – Famous for having 4,962 friends on Facebook and over 56,000 followers on Twitter when she died at the age of 105.

Ivy Wallace – A British artist and actress. However, she is best known as the author of the children’s books she wrote from 1946 to 1966.

Ivy Williams – In 1922 she became the first woman called to the English Bar.

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