Meaning and Origin of Jackie

The Jackie name has been in use throughout the United Kingdom since the early 17th century, and is the feminine form of the English based masculine of James. The meaning of Jackie varies from one culture to another and is believed to date back to the ancient Hebrew language where it was used to identify one that has divine protection.


Although the Jackie name was not among the list of top 100 female baby names for 2013, it is still very commonly used among many families. Some of the popularity of Jackie can be attributed to the famous and influential women who also bore the Jackie name.

Famous People Called Jackie

Perhaps the most famous among them is Jackie O. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis was a stylish first lady and a pillar of strength during a time of political and social crisis. Jackie Collins is another strong candidate that spread the popularity of Jackie during the past several decades. As an compelling novelist and unsurpassed humanitarian, she influenced countless young women to reach for their dreams. The powerhouse singer Jackie Evancho is a modern day role model for preteens and teenagers who want to purse a career in the entertainment business.

Variations on the Name

Two variations in spelling of Jackie are Jacqui and Jacque.

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