The Meaning and Origin of the Name Jade

The meaning of Jade is from a precious stone derived from Spanish “(piedra de la) ijada” which translates to “(stone of the) flank”. It was believed that the stone could potentially cure renal colic. The name Jade and variations are commonly associated to a female.

Variations of Jade

Different variations of the name Jade include Jada, Jaida, Jayde and Jayda in English. A variation in Italian is Giada. Another similar variation that is popularly used for both males and females in the U.S. is Jaden.

Famous People

Famous females named Jade include a taekwondo athlete, a reality-television personality and a singer, songwriter & actress.

  • Taekwondo athlete Jade Jones won Britain’s first taekwondo gold medal.
  • Reality-TV personality Jade Goody was made famous after appearing on the TV show Big Brother in 2002.
  • Jade Louise Ewen was a singer, songwriter and actress who use to be a member of the band, Sugababes.

Popularity of Jade

The popularity of Jade in the U.K. was at its highest during the 1990s when it was within the top 25 names for females in Wales and England. In 2007 in England and Wales, Jade was number 232.

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