Popularity of the name Jasmine

Many parents will be interested in learning more about the name Jasmine. It has proven to be a popular name used by many families from throughout the world. The meaning of Jasmine actually varies from culture to culture, which could have a profound impact on the way families reach this conclusion. Some families may be interested to know that Jasmine was the 45th most popular name during the course of 2012 in England. Jasmine’s popularity may inspire other parents to try out this name for their kids.

Origin of the girl’s name Jasmine

The origins of the name Jasmine are thought to be derived from Persia. It may alternatively spelled Yasmin, depending on the country of origin. It was actually the most popular name given the girls in Turkey during the course of 2008-2009. The meaning is disputed, but it is though to originate from polytheistic traditions within Persia.

Famous People with the Name

There are many famous people who have been named Jasmin over the years. This has included Jasmine Harman and Jasmine Trinca. These celebrities have created quite a name for themselves. Parents may be inspired by their success to give the name Jasmine to their own kids. Many will want to read up on the life history of people to learn more about how these names developed.

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