Congratulations if you are expecting a baby. If you are having a little girl have you considered the name Jennifer? Although it isn’t the most popular name it does have some interesting history and information around it.

Meaning and Origin

Jennifer is of Welsh decent and means fair and smooth. It derived from the English name Guinevere which also means fair,smooth and white wave. Often-times nicknames Jenny or Jen are used in place of the full name.

Popularity of Jennifer

The name Jennifer, for whatever reason, has become less popular in Australia, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland and Sweden. Now it doesn’t seem to be due to the popularity of famous people named Jennifer.

Famous People

Some famous people who carry the name Jennifer are Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence, Jennifer Anniston, Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Stone, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jenifer “Jwoww” Farley, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Connelly and Jennifer Hawkins just to name a few.

Prior to 1984, the name Jennifer did rank 1st on the Social Security Administration website in the USA and did so to as far back as 1970! So if you are looking for a name that will be unique, at least by current trends, Jennifer might be a name that will work for you.

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