Facts about Jenny as a Name

English parents who choose to name their child Jenny name that child as one “whom God has made gracious” or is “fair and yielding.” When expanding the meaning of Jenny into Celtic names, Jenny also means a “white wave”.


Those parents curious as to the meaning of Jenny as a name will be pleased to know that the name’s roots actually come from a diminution of Jennifer. Jenni, Jennie, and Jeny are commonly accepted alternative spellings of the name Jenny.

Popularity of Jenny

As to the parents who are curious about the popularity of Jenny, it did not place within the 100 most popular names among the latest English polls in 2013.

Celebrities and Other Notable Individuals Named Jenny

  • Jenny Agutter, OBE, is an English actress of the stage and screen whose notable roles include Alex in “An American Werewolf in London” and Jessica 6 in Logan’s Run.
  • Jenny McCudden is an Irish newscaster and writer.
  • Jenny Nimmo is a British writer known for her “Charlie Bone” series of fiction books.
  • Jenny, the eponymous character in the “Doctor Who” episode entitled “The Doctor’s Daughter”.

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