Baby Name Jessie

Jessie can be both a boy or a girl’s name. If a mother is expecting a baby girl, then Jessie is a great name and well worth considering. This name is normally short for Jessica and its pet form is Jess. For an upcoming mother who loves the name Jessie, this article can go into details on the name Jessie.

Meaning of Jessie

The name has a Hebrew origin and an English origin. According to one source, the meaning of Jessie means God is Gracious and another meaning of Jessie is Wealthy.


With Jessie, it’s well known worldwide. The popularity of Jessie has dropped within the last few years and it is not in the to 100 English baby girls names. The name is still well known,and it is still used in the United States and England. Many countries use the popularity of Jessie in their child’s name or may consider naming the child Jessie, but not as much. As a potential parent, the name Jessie is special.

Famous People Called Jessie

Here a list of famous people called Jessie:

  • Jessie J – an English singer and song writer.
  • Jessie Wallace – an English actor who plays Kat Slater in the TV programme Eastenders.
  • There was a famous song by Rick Springfield is called Jessie’s girl.

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