Meaning and Origin

Lacey name originated from old french and the sound makes the feminine side of those females named Lacey feel frilly. Some might refer to Lacey as lace and pretty things. There are other variants of Lacey some of which can be both feminine and masculine. Lacey is one of the most versatile names you can imaging as it can be a girl’s name, boy’s name, first name or last name.

Lacey’s origin Normandy, France and is commonly a female name. The meaning of Lacey is cheerful.



Lacey is the 49th most popular baby girl’s name in England in 2012 (Office of National Statistics).

The name Lacey had a spike in the US in the 1980’s and is predicted to slow down and have another spike in the name with some more variations and meaning. 1949 was a year that was the only year that males were over 20 named Lacey.

This shows the thought behind the frills and thrills of the name and knowing it means cheerful relates to girls more. Lacey as a last name shows that they are considered farmers, laborers, and housekeeper in occupations. Civil War recorders shows a dominance in Union forces around 340 and Confederate forces around 180. Lacey is an old name that has been around for generations. Anyone with the name Lacey can be proud to have a name with longevity.

Famous People Called Lacey

  • Lacey Turner – an English actress who known for her role on the British soap Eastenders.
  • Lacey Chabert- an American actress who has starred in Family Guy and Not Another Teen Movie.

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