Laura is a lovely girl’s name that is particularly common in England and English speaking countries.

Meaning of the name Laura

The meaning of Laura is a Latin name which means “Bay Laurel”. The meaning of Laura was so influential it became quite popular in North America for many female newborn babies until the 19th century.


Laura was not in the top 100 girl’s names in England in 2012. However here are a few facts of the popularity of the name in USA:

The name Laura was one of the top 40 names until it dropped to the 43th spot in 1899. In the 19th century, Laura landed in the 19th spot, with the name Louis in 1881 and 1883. However, in the 20th century, the name Laura became one of the top 50 names for many newborn females. In 1930, Laura raised up to the 20th spot and in 1984, the name started to slowly lose it’s popularity. Both in the England and the United States Laura is not as popular girl’s name as it used to be.

Famous People with the First-name Laura

During the years, there have been many famous people that were named Laura. These famous people that shared this name included everyone from Laura Ashley (the fashion designer), Laura Carmichael (an English actress), Laura Robson (the British number 1 tennis player) and Laura Bush (an American 1st lady).

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