Meaning of the Name Leanne

The Country Singer LeAnn Rimes
The Country Singer LeAnn Rimes

Leanne is a combination same of Lee and Anne. It means many things because of the combination of wood and air. However, it usually comes out to mean beautiful woman, youthful, and strong bonds. Someone who has this name is blessed with beauty, and they have an inner core that is hard to deny. They can form strong bonds with people, and they have a chance to show how beautiful they are in many settings.

There are other places where it could mean things like hairy, or the wood part of the name could be taken literally. This is interesting because the people who are using the name are often the ones that are going to be able to have the strongest constitution. These same people will be very interested in the way that they are going to interact with the people around them because they know that their interactions mean something to these people.

The name Leanne and the meaning of Leanne have a lot of significance because of what they have come to mean over time.

Popularity of the Name Leanne

The popularity of Leanne has been static for a while, but it always comes up in girls who have strong hearts and minds.

The name is not currently in the top 100 baby girls names in England however this name was popular between 1975 and 1995.

Famous People Called Leanne

Here’s a few famous females with the name:

  • Leanne Battersby -a character from the Manchester based soap opera Coronation ┬áStreet
  • Leanne Wood – a Plaid Cymru politician and Assembly Member.
  • LeAnn Rimes – an American country singer and song writer.

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