Popularity of the Baby Name Leona

Finding the baby name for your princess-to-be can be challenging. There are so many great names out there, but you want something unique and beautiful. The baby girl name Leona was not in the 100 most popular baby girl names in England in 2013. For this reason, the Leona name would be a wonderful idea to choose as a baby girl’s name, since it isn’t the most commonly used. Although the Leona name is still a very beautiful name for a baby girl.

Meaning of Leona

The name meaning of Leona is lion. This is a perfect meaning to have a baby girl grow up into. There are a couple accomplished strong women with the name. Leona Lewis, a British native, is a singer, songwriter and actress with the name. Leona Graham, a British radio broadcaster as well as a voice-over artist, is another celebrity who holds the name.

Final Thoughts

Leona isn’t over used, or over complicated. You don’t have to worry about teachers having a hard time pronouncing her name. It’s unique enough without being weird and if your having fraternal twins you can have the boy named Leo! That would be really adorable. Overall it is a soft spoken name with strong meaning. The popularity of Leona will be sure to rise so grab it while you can.

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