Lexi is a modern and popular English name.

Meaning of Lexi

The Name Lexi is a variant of the Alexandra. The meaning of Lexi is Defender of Mankind or Defender of Man. There are other variations of the name such as Alexis and the alternate spelling of Lexie. Lexi is of English and Greek origin.


According to the 2012 rankings released by the Office for National Statistics the name Lexi is the 46th most popular baby girl’s name in England and Wales. It has made a huge leap in popularity in the ten years since 2002 when it was ranked as 1659th.

Famous people

Lexi, is also gaining popularity in other countries. Celebrities sharing the name Lexi are Lexi Ainsworth an American actress known for her roles in General Hospital, Criminal Minds and Cougar Town. Lexi Fernandez, a popular Filipino actress and performer, currently performs on Party Pilipinas and Lexi Randall, another American actress known for her roles in War and Sarah, Plain and Tall: Winter’s End.


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