Origin of the Name Libby

The name Libby is another name that’s short for Elizabeth. It was rarely used back in the day when Elizabeth nicknames like Betty, Beth, Liz, Betsy, and Lizzie became more popular.

Libby comes from Greek Elisabet, and that originated in Hebrew Elishiva. Libby can also be a diminutive version of Isabel.

Meaning of Libby

Libby comes from the name Elizabeth that means “oath of God,” or ” my God is abundance.”

Popularity of Libby

Libby’s most recent popularity data goes back to 2014 where it stands at 139 on the list. In Scottland, Libby’s popularity completely dropped off the list in about 2010.

Famous People with the Name Libby

Libby has been used for a product name as in Libby’s. It has also been used through the years as television character names such as Dear Libby, in one of the early Brady Bunch episodes.

The antagonist and thorn in Sabrina Spellman’s side was snotty cheerleader, Libby Chessler. It hasn’t been used for character names in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom, Libby Smith is a representative of Nu Skin.

Famous British People Named Libby

Libby Potter is a famous reporter for the British Broadcasting Company. Libby Purves works as British radio presenter, journalist and author in London, England.

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