Name Lily

Lily is a popular and beautiful English girl’s name. Discover why Lily is a fashionable choice as a baby’s name.

Meaning of Lily

The girl’s name Lily has originates from the flower. Lily can also be the pet form of the name Lillian. The name can also be spelt with two l’s as in Lilly.

Popularity of the Name

Lily is in 3rd most popular baby girl’s name in England according to the 2011 figures released from by Office of National Statistics. Lily is currently the most popular girl’s name in Wales according to the same statistics.

Famous People Called Lily

Here is a list of a few famous people who have the first name as Lily:

  • Lily Allen – a female English singer from London who released the popular track ‘Smile’.
  • Lily Cole – a English model and actress who has featured in Doctor Who and Saint Trinians.
  • Lily Donaldson – a British model.
  • Lily James – an actress who played Lady Rose McClare in Downton Abbey.


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