Meaning and origin of the Name Linda

Linda is a girl’s name. The meaning of Linda can be derived from the Medieval German word “linde” which can mean either “soft” or “tender.” The name Linda is also the word for “beautiful” in Spanish and Portuguese, although it is pronounced differently from the name. One of the most common variations on this name would be “Lynda.”


Linda was not a very popular name in 2015; the popularity of Linda as a name has it appearing nowhere among the English government’s top 100 most popular girls’ names.

Famous, Fictional or Important People with the Name Linda

Below are several people who were given this particular name:

  • Linda McCartney. She was Sir Paul McCartney’s first wife, known for her vegetarianism and photography.
  • Linda McMahon. This Linda is the wife of American wrestling promoter Vince McMahon and was a one-time candidate for U.S. Presidency.
  • Linda Danvers. This is the civilian name of DC superhero Supergirl.
  • Linda Clement. This Linda is a Scottish field hockey player who has scored 61 goals for the Women’s National Team.
  • There are three films, two albums and two songs titled “Linda.”

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