Meaning and Origin

The English girl’s name Lola is extremely popular and feminine-sounding. It is derived from the Spanish name, Dolores and it means “sorrows”. The meaning of “Lola” can also be holder of great wealth. Lola is also a popular name in the Sanskrit language and when derived from there, the name means “moving to and fro”. It is originally believed to have come from the Virgin Mary.


The popularity of Lola as a given name is growing every year. As of 2012, it was the 231st most popular name in the world. It is the sixth most popular woman’s name in France and the 31st in England.

People Called Lola

Lola is a named carried by many famous female celebrities and heard in many songs. As a result, it has gained a sultry image over the past view years. Popular singer Madonna even named her daughter Lola. Many other celebrities have also named their children Lola including actor Chris Rock and tv host Kelly Ripa.

A common nickname for Lola is Lolita. Lolita was a character in a famous novel of the same name.

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