In England, Lucy is the 27th most popular baby girl’s name in 2012 (data from National Office of Statistics). What is the meaning of this beautiful girl’s name? Well, Lucy is a named that comes from the Latin masculine name Lucius. Lucy is actually the feminine version of the name Lucius.

Lucy has come to mean ‘born at dawn’ or given to people who have a pale complexion. Lucy is actually another version of the name Lucia, which was a popular name for women during the Middle Ages. Lucy is also a saint’s name as well as it has been a name used on major TV shows like ‘I love Lucy’. Lucy has also been the named of the heroine in some novels. Lucy was also once a Shakespearean baby name.

Not to mention, Lucy was also used as the name in part of a popular Beatles song called, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

In short, the meaning of the name Lucy is light. If you have a little girl that is that light of your world and you want her to know it, then Lucy would be a phenomenal name to give her. It is a name that is attractive on many different levels, and as time goes by, it has become an increasingly popular name.

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