Meaning and Origin of the Name Maggie

The name Maggie is normally considered as a pet form of the name Margaret , but it can also be used with the Marjorie, Magdalene and Margarida.

It is a name that has a beautiful meaning, too. The meaning of Maggie is “pearl”, and that combined with the way that this name sounds makes this a special name and one any girl should feel proud to be named.

Maggie has been used many times and in many ways, even though the popularity of Maggie is not that great.


Maggie is a beautiful English girls’ name that has been used for many years, although it is not one of the most popular names now. The name did not make the list of 100 most popular baby names in the year 2015 in England. It is still a name that is recognised, though, and that is in part because of the celebrities who are named Maggie.

Famous Maggies

  • One celebrity with the name Maggie is Maggie Grace, and she is an American actress.
  • Maggie was also the title of a 2015 film. And Maggie Smith is an English actress.
  • There is also a song title “Maggie May” by the artist Rod Stewart.

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