Popularity of the name Maya

The popularity of Maya is seen all over the world. In the England, Maya was ranked 49th in 2013. In Scotland the name ranked #55, while in Northern Ireland it was 95th. Why has the popularity of Maya gripped the world?

Meaning of the Name

Perhaps it is because it has native roots in so many histories. The meaning of Maya varies from culture to culture, but it is often found. In Hindu culture, it means illusion. It is known as the name of the Buddha’s mother and as one of the names of the goddess Durga. In Ancient Hebrew, it is a shorten version of ma’ayan which means spring or brook. In old Persian, Maya means generous and in Arabic, princess. The meaning of Maya alters enough for parents to find a meaning they love.

Famous People with the Name

Yet, it is not an unheard of name with such greats a Maya Angelou, Maya Banks, and Maya Rudolph giving girls named Maya strong heroes to admire.

Whatever the reason, either honouring the past or picking a trendy name for the future, Maya is a great choice.

Thoughts about the Name Maya

Maya also goes well with current trending names. With the popularity of names like Amelia, Emily, and Emilia, Maya fits in with similar sounding and nobility. As we veer back to old fashioned names, Maya name of the ancients, comes into its own.

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