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Girl's name Millie word cloud
Millie’s Word Cloud

Millie is a girl’s name that can be a nickname or short for Amelia, Camilla, Camille, Emilia, Mildred and Millicent.

The name Millie is of English origin and it means a person of “highborn power”.

Millie is a popular baby girl’s name and according to the office of national statistics, it was ranked in 27th position in England in 2012 and in the same year the name was in 717th in in the United States. However, Millie is especially popular in the Scotland reaching the high ranks of 11th position in 2012.

Spelling Variations and Nicknames

There are several spelling variations of the name Millie which includes: Millee, Milley, Milli and Milly.

Celebrities Named Millie

Popular celebrities with the name Millie include American singers, Millie Jackson, Millie Kirkham and Millie Scott; American actress, Millie Perkins; American female baseball player Millie Deegan; and American investigator and biologist Millie Hughes-Fulford.
Other interesting facts or references for the name Millie is the movie titled “Thoroughly Modern Mille” and Princess Hazels’ sister from The Tale of the Frog Princess series was named Princess Millie.

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