Names T to Z

English Girls Names Letters T to Z
Read about the lovely female names including Tara, Violet, Zoe and much more.

Name Description Popularity
Tammy Pet form of Tamara **
Tamsin Linked to the name Thomas **
Tansy From the flower *
Tara This English name means hill ***
Tasha Short for Natasha ***
Tawny From the colour of the owl **
Teri From the name Terry *
Tessa From Theresa ***
Thelma Means wish *
Tiffany Means epiphany ***
Tilda From Matilda *
Tori From Victoria *
Tracy From the French place ***
Trina From Katrina *
Trisha From Patricia **
Trixie Form of Beatrix **
Trudy From Gertrude or Ermintrude *
Unity Manes Unity/Quality *

Ursa Form of Ursula *
Ursula From the Latin name Ursula *
Val Short form of Valerie *
Valda Inspired by Linda *
Valene Australian background *
Valerie Means healthy and strong ***
Vanessa Created by Jonathan Swift ****
Velma Based on Thelma or Selma *
Vera Has a Russian/Slavac origin *
Verity Means truth *
Verona Origin unknown *
Vicky Pet form of Victoria ***
Victoria Means victorious ***
Viola Means violet ****
Violet From the flower **
Virginia From the name Virgil **
Vita Pet form of Victoria *
Vivian Life *
Wanda Origin unknown *
Wendy Invented in the play Peter Pan ***
Whitney After places in England ***
Willa From the name William *
Willow From the tree ***
Wilona From Wilma *
Winifred Joy and Peace **
Wynne Short from of Winifred *
Xenia Hospitality and stranger *
Xenthe Means yellow and bright *
Yasmin From Jasmin *
Yolanda Origin unknown *
Zanna From Suzanna *
Zelda Origin unknown *
Zelene Origin unknown *
Zera Means Seeds *
Zoe Means Life ***

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