The Name Nancy its Origins & its Meaning

The name Nancy was created during the medieval times and it originated from the name of Annis. This name varied from country to country where each country added or changed the way it was spelt. This resulted in the adding Nan to the front of a variant of Annis that became the name we know and love today, Nancy.

The meaning of Nancy is she has both grace and beauty. She is charming and very unique. She can bring her special kind of humour to a gathering, and change the mood of a room.

The name Nancy has many origins, for example, in Hebrew it means grace, in France it means favour grace, and was introduced to the English speaking countries in the 13th century where it still meant favour grace.

Traits of People with the Name Nancy

Nancy name is the symbol of friendship, she is easy to get along with and extremely loyal. The person who is named Nancy has a creative side, and demonstrates a brilliant way to express herself. Nancy is often at the core of a room, she has a way of drawing people in and attracting positive attention.

Popularity of the Name

Nancy was not in the 100 most popular baby girls’ names in England 2013. The popularity of Nancy peaked in the 20th century in America, although it has never been number one on the most popular girls’ names there.

Famous People Called Nancy

There are many famous people over the years who have been named Nancy, for example:

  • Nancy Alexiadi a Greek Singer,
  • Nancy Edberg a Swedish 19th Century swimmer,
  • Nancy Grace an American prosecutor and television personality,
  • and Nancy Wu a Hong Kong actress.

Nancy has even been used as a famous fictional character, such as Nancy Thompson from the acclaimed Wes Craven’s “A Nightmare on Elm Street” heroine, Nancy a person in the famed fictional story Oliver Twist, and Nancy Drew a fictional heroine detective in a popular mystery series by Carolyn Keene.