Origin and Meaning of the British Girl’s Name Nicola

The Nicola name has its roots in the Greek word Nikos that translates to mean “victory”. The meaning of Nicola was then Latinized until it took on a meaning of “winner of the people”. The name was a very common name for Italian during the Middle Ages, and it became a common English name thereafter.


The popularity of Nicola is fairly popular in Britain, but it is not in the top hundred English girls’ names in 2013. Nicola is generally used as a girl’s name, and some of the other versions of Nicola include Nicky and Nicolia. Nico is a very popular nick name for persons named Nicola. It also has a couple of similar boy’s names including Nicholai.

Famous People Called Nicola

There are a couple of famous persons who have the name Nicola. Nicola Pagett was a famous actress who is best known for her performance in the Upstairs Downstairs, which was a BCC adaption of the novel Anna Karenina. Nico Blue Hoon is the daughter of Shannon Hoon who was the lead singer for the band Blind Melon. Nicola Roberts is a member of the popular girl’s band Girls Aloud. Nicola Pisano is a well known Italian sculptor.

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