The Origin and Meaning of Nora

Nora is a girls name that has Latin, Greek and Scottish origins. The name Nora is believed to be an anglicized version of the Latin name Honora which means honor in Latin. Other scholars believe that Nora is a shortened version of the Greek female name Eleanor which means light. Nora is also considered to be the feminine version of the male name Norman in Scotland.

History and Use of the Name Nora

Scholars are unable to point out exactly when the name Nora first started to be used. The name has now been used throughout Europe for many centuries. Nora has an association of being a common name amongst the nobility and upper class. Many aristocrats named their daughters Nora because it signified honor and virtue. The name was also commonly given to baby girls that were considered to be attractive.

The Popularity of Nora and Famous People With the Name

According to national statistics Nora is not one of the top one hundred most popular girls names in England (in 2013). Famous people named Nora include Filipino Actress Nora Aunor, American best selling author Nora Roberts and American producer Nora Ephron.

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