Meaning of the Norma

Norma Jean Mortenson better know as Marilyn Monroe
Norma Jean Mortenson better know as Marilyn Monroe

When considering the name Norma for their baby girl, expectant parents should know that it was not one of the 100 most popular baby names in 2015 in England. That does not mean that it is not a good name, just that the popularity of Norma is not so great that it is used all of the time.

The meaning of Norma is rule or pattern. It is a pretty name that has not been used often, but that is yet familiar enough that it sounds good as a baby girl’s name. It has been given to a few famous people, and a play, and it is a wonderful classic name that every parent should consider for their new baby girl.

Famous People Called Norma

The name was owned by a few famous people through the years, and one of those is Norma Major. She is the wife of the former British Prime Minister.

Another celebrity with the name Norma was Marilyn Monroe. Norma was her given name (Norma Jean Mortenson). And there is also an opera named Norma.

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