Meaning and Origin of the Girl’s Name Olive

The meaning of Olive, is an extension of a branch from the olive itself, offering peace.

Generations separate the popularity of Olive. However, that does not mean parents are not calling their precious daughter’s Olive, any more. It does bare a certain uniqueness to it.

Keep in mind, what is old is becoming new again, and the UK, is trending with a resurgence in popularizing Olive, once again.


Although Olive was not ranking as one of the most popular names in England in 2014 a similar sounding nameĀ Olivia was ranked as the 2nd most popular name.

Keep in mind, the United Kingdom, famously sets trends for a wide assortment of countries across the world, so Olivia and possibly Olive, will top the charts for a hot and happening name for your little girls before you know it. Until then, honour the uniqueness of it.

Famous People who’ve used the Name Olive

Also, famous celebrities who are named Olive, Drew Barrymore, named her daughter Olive. Sacha Baron Cohen, named his daughter, born in 2007, Olive. In 2012, musician, Jake Owen, named his daughter Olive.

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