How Popular Is the Name Patricia?

Believe it or not, the name Patricia is a very common name and originates from Latin. During the 90’s the popularity of Patricia was very high in the United States. In fact, it ranked number 2 among female names. However, in 2014 Patricia was not in the 100 most common names in England.

Meaning of the Name Patricia

The meaning of Patricia comes from patrician and means noble. You’re quick-minded, expressive, and versatile. Ironically, Patricia is a unique baby name, that is quickly regaining popularity. It signifies you’re of notable descent and will be an influential factor throughout your life.

If you’re every deciding to name your child Patricia you don’t have to worry about the meaning being unpleasant. It signifies growth and productivity. An interesting fact, includes, most females name Patricia have dark hair and go on to have professional career paths.

Pet names for People called Patricia

These names include, Pat, Patty, Pattie, Patsy, Trish or Trisha.

Traits of People with the Name

A Patricia is highly likely to participate in study and research. Someone with the name Patricia is likely to be very clever.  You’re a people person and you like taking care of others and making sure they’re aright.  The male name for Patricia is Patrick.

Famous People with the Name

Famous people called Patricia include:

  • Patricia Routledge – an English actress and singer who’s best known for her role as Hyacinth Bucket in TV series ‘Keeping Up Appearances’.
  • Pat Nixon – the wife of the US President Richard Nixon.
  • Patricia Neal – was an American actress

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