Peggy is a female name that originates from the name Margaret .

Peggy Mitchell the fictional TV charector
Peggy Mitchell the fictional TV character

The meaning of Peggy is pearl, and that is a beautiful meaning that will make parents feel good about choosing this name for their daughter. It is a simple name, but it is not too popular, and that makes it more attractive.

The popularity of Peggy is not great right now, but it is a classic name that has been given to many characters and real people alike.


Peggy was not one of the most popular names in England in 2015 (not in the top 100 girls’ names), but it is a classic name that has been used often during the decades. There are many famous people with the name, and many characters in TV shows and books have been named Peggy, too.

Famous People with the Name Peggy

The name Peggy was given to Peggy Carter, a fictional character in American comic books. Another use of the name was for Peggy Margaret, a fictional character on a soap opera. And Peggy Lee was a famous American Jazz musician. Another use of the name was for Buddy Holly’s song, Peggy Sue, which was popular years ago.

The most popular English television character must be the Londoner Peggy Mitchel from the soap EastEnders.

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