Meaning and Origin of the Name Penelope

Our history has a strong effect in our lives and it is related to the names, dates, events and even zodiac-signs in a new born baby. The bible and the mythology give us an idea on how to choose a name. If you enjoy names with special history or you are a believer in numerology, astrology or astronomy.

The Penelope name can be a very special one, when making comparisons. She was the wife of the warrior Odysseus. The meaning of Penelope is ‘weaver ‘ also an intelligent and capable person.


The popularity of Penelope is ranking in the 831 position in the United States – during 1935, and during the year of 2015 got into the 34 position. Nevertheless a baby girl with that name can be very successful, if you believe in the coincidences and the fame of different women with that name.

The name Penelope is familiar in different countries: England, Australia, United States, South Africa and France.

Famous People with the First Name Penelope

The Actress Penelope Cruz
The Actress Penélope Cruz

There are many famous actresses with this great name: Penelope Wilton, Penelope Cruz and Penelope Keith. Also, there are some fictional characters and the Harry Potter’s novel using the same name.

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