Phyllis And Its Meaning

The meaning of Phyllis is very important because it is something that ties all the way back to the mythology of Greece. The meaning of Phyllis is green foliage or leafy, and that is because of the name Phyllis and how it was used in the old stories of that time. The girl that was called Phyllis was turned into a tree, and she could not bear any leaves until her lover returned. That was something that made the popularity of Phyllis jump up, and it also made it so that people could have a much better feeling about the meaning behind the name.


The name has not cracked the top 100 baby girls names in England for a while, but that is because it has been seen as a name that would suit a woman and not a girl. Someone who gets very invested in the meaning of the name will find that they want to use the name anyways. You have to take a look at this name and all the history that stands behind it before you pick it because it can be something that is going to turn out to mean a lot more to you in the future when you give it to a girl.

Famous People Called Phyllis

Here’s a few famous people with the name Phyllis:

  • Phyllis Calvert was an English actress and was active from the 1920s until 2000
  • Phyllis was the name of a British ship that sank on the south coast of Newfoundland
  • Phyllis¬†Pearce – was a fictional¬†character from the TV soap¬†Coronation Street
  • Phyllis Summers is a factional character from the soap opera The Young and the Restless

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