The Name Polly And Its Meaning

The name Polly has long been one of the softer feminine names that girls may receive, and the meaning of Polly is quite sweet once parents look it up.

There are many parents who are hoping to choose this name because the popularity of Polly tends to be fairly stable. The name manes the wished for child, and it is one that many parents may choose to use simply because of its sweet and happy feeling.

The name fits well with other middle names because it has a very soft feeling, and it may be paired with stronger middle names that parents may want to give their girls. This name works well with family names that may sound like last names, and it helps provide the perfect platform for naming a little baby girl who will carry it for the rest of her life as the wished for child.

The Name Polly And Its Meaning

The popularity of the name has remained stable over the years because it come from the British Isles where many of the most popular baby names originated long ago. The name itself has come to have its own connotation in America where girls are thought to be extremely soft and beautiful when they have this name.

Statistically, Polly was not in the top 100 baby girls’ names in England in 2016.

Famous Pollys

The Indie Singer Polly Paulusma
The Indie Singer Polly Paulusma

Polly Bergen was an American actress and singer.

In musical terms there’s Polly Paulusma the indie pop singer, there was a song by the band Nirvana called Polly and of course not forgetting the famous English nursery rhyme ‘Polly put the kettle on’.

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