Poppy is a beautiful English girl’s name which takes its name after red flower. This name is a popular name in England an in the UK. On this page you will discover the meaning of the name Poppy, it popularity and famous people who the first name Poppy.

What does the Poppy Mean?

As highlighted in the summary, Poppy originates from the name of the flower. This name is derived from the old English name popæg.

It’s Popularity

Poppy was the 12th most popular English baby girl’s name in England in 2011 (overall it’s was in 14th position including non-English names). This name is the 21st most popular baby girl’s name in Wales according to the same study.

Famous People Called Poppy

See our short list of a few people with the 1st name Poppy:

  • Poppy Honey is the name of Jamie Oliver’s daughter.
  • Poppy King is an Australian entrepreneur who has made her name in the cosmetic industry.
  • Poppy Jhakra is an English actress who appeared in the series Waterloo Road.
  • Poppy Morgan is an adult entertainer.
  • Poppy Delevingne is a British model.

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