Posh English Names for Girls


What makes a Posh English Name?
What makes a Posh English Name?

In 2012 the top three most popular names for girls in England and Wales were, in order starting with the most popular: Amelia, Olivia, and Jessica. But the most Posh English Names in popularity that year fell further down the list. Amelia, for example, is actually a hybrid of the two names Emilia and Amalia, which are names more rare for a girl. Amalia doesn’t make the top 100 list for 2012. It would be an argument to say that the more rare a name, the more elegant and unique to have that name. 

Scarlet comes tops the list, a name associated with stardom and romantic scandal as it depicts the color red. Another color-based in the list of popular Posh English Names is Ruby, which gives one a state of mind of old money or tradition. Isabelle, Chloe, and Grace are equally popular in recent years and have overtones of royalty or upper-class privilege.
Posh English Names for girls tend to fall out of the top ten of most popular names, yet remain a constant tradition of parents wanting their girls to have the honor of being called Isla (top 10) or Ava, also among the top names.
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  1. My friend’s name is Bethan. Apparently this is a popular name but apparently not. Thanks for the help though! 🙂

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