Meaning of the Name Queenie

The meaning of Queenie is from the old Gaelic that mean cwen or woman.

It is a lovely name for a girl with a big personality, and it helps a girl be unique when she is around a lot of girls who might have normal names. She will feel special, and you can create a lot of nicknames around her name. The nickname Q comes to mind instantly, and anyone who wants to name their daughter Queenie will be happy to know that she is a character in the new Harry Potter movies.

Popularity of the Name

The name Queenie has not been in the top 100 names in England. The names was only really popular in the 18th centuary.

Personality of Someone Called Queenie

You can give this name to your girl when you know that she is going to have this big personality, and you can give it to her when she has a big personality, You have to be sure that you have thought it over, and you will see it start to come back now that there is a Harry Potter character has this name, is beautiful and people are falling in love with every day in the theatres.

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