Origin of the Girl’s Name Rose

Rose is a word that automatically invokes the image of beauty and delicacy as a flower, as a shade, and as a name. The name Rose originally came from the Norman translation of a Germanic name and was associated with the Latin word Rosa which meant fragrant flower. In the 19th century, floral names became popular to use for naming children in England and the name Rose reemerged. The meaning of Rose now holds ties to the beautiful and romantic flower, rather than the old Germanic name.

Meaning of the Name

A rose has many meanings in the language of the flowers. It is most commonly associated with of love and romance. The name Rose has been used throughout recent history for many beautiful women.  Rose (or Ro) can also be a pet name for the name Rosemary.


Rose is a popular girl’s name and England in 2012 Rose was the 78th most popular baby girl’s name.

Famous People Called Rose

The name was featured in the movie Titanic where the lovely Rose was a high class woman fell for the love of her life. Rose McGowan is a world-renowned actress and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy was the elegant mother of former American president John F. Kennedy. The name reflects elegance and beauty.

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