Meaning of the Name Rosemary

Rosemary is a girls name with an English origin. It is often considered a combination of the English names “Rose” and “Mary.” The name has Latin roots, leading to multiple variants across different languages. The meaning of Rosemary can vary depending on how it is examined.

The Latin meaning of the Rosemary name includes “bitter rose” and “dew of the sea.” It can also be divided into its separate parts for meaning. “Rose,” which references the flower, can also mean “fame and renown” or reference the “horse” when examined from the Germanic side. Additionally, “rosa mystica” is a common reference to the Virgin Mary that includes a variant of the word “rose.” “Mary” is often intended as a nod to the biblical character. It can also be translated to mean “bitter” or “rebellion”. It is considered a variant of the Hebrew “Miriam” meaning “star of the sea.”


The name can also be considered as relating to the herb of the same name, Rosemary. The popularity of Rosemary as a name is not currently notable as the name did not make an appearance on the top 100 girls names in England for 2013. Rose, however, came in at the 67th position.

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