Meaning and Origin of Rosie

Rosie is typically a pet name for the name Rose (after the flower). Sometimes people like to use the name Rose and other times they feel more comfortable using the name Rosie.

Rosie can also be a pet name for Rosemary.

The name Rosie was very popular in many songs sung by a variety of musical stars. One famous star by the name of Neil Diamond sang a song called, “Cracklin Rosie” and there was a group called the, “Kinks” who sang, “Rosie, Won’t You Please Come Home.”


Back in 2013 the name Rosie was a very popular name for many baby girls in the United Kingdom and in the United States. It was the 48th most popular baby girl’s name in England (in 2012). Baby boys are not usually named Rosie, but there was one man named Rosie who played on the old show, ”Daniel Boone.” The name Rose or Rosie can also be used as either a first name or a middle name.

Traits of People Called Rosie

The popularity of Rosie brings out ladies who enjoy being noticed. They enjoy the good things in life, but they just have to use their finances in a more orderly fashion. They have a considerable amount of energy and enjoy keeping busy and like having the attention focused on them.

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