Royal Baby Names for Girls

There are a variety of Royal baby names for girls. Royal names are considered special and it is quite an honour to receive a royal name at birth. Here’s a list of some of the most popular names used by the Royal family:

As you can see from the above list there are quite a few popular Royal names for girls that begin with the letter ‘a’ include Anne and Agatha.

The girls name Agatha was often associated with that of martyred saints. The name was considered quite old fashioned. However, it seems the girls name Agatha is making somewhat of a come back.

The name Amelia was considered a beautiful and common name at one time. In addition, the name was once heavily associated with Amelia Earhart. This is another name that seems to be making somewhat of a come back after many years.

English names for princesses also serve great significance and are know all over the World. A great example of this was popularity of Princess Diana who was formally known as the “Princess of Wales”. This name was passed down to William and Kate’s second child called Charlotte Elizabeth Diana after the late Princess. The other renown princess and latter Queen was Victoria, who was the Queen when British imperialism was at its greatest.