Meaning and Origin of the Name Sadie

Sadie happens to be a female name that is a derivative from the name Sarah. The name Sarah happens to be a Hebrew name.

The meaning of Sadie actually means princess.

Sadie’s Popularity

The name Sadie happens to be popular in the following countries: United States, England and Wales, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand.

It ranks in number 46th in the United States’ list of baby names. However Sadie was not in the top 100 baby girl’s names in England in 2014.

Famous People and Things Called Sadie

It is also the name of a popular Beetles song called ” Sexy Sadie” which makes this song even more popular.

The popularity of Sadie could be common because it is a musician and also a singer’s name. Sadie is also the name of an African American activist.

Sadie also happens to be the name of a popular song about a married lady by the US band ‘The Spinners’.

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