Meaning and Origin of the Name Samantha

The name Samantha originally appeared in the Newton-Regis, England records in the year 1633. In the 17th century, seven baby girls were baptized with the name Samantha, There’s only speculation that hasn’t been proven that the name Samantha is the feminine of Samuel. Samuel came into being after the Protestant Reformation that began in 1517.

The British meaning of Samantha is God Heard or God his name is God. Samantha originated as an Arabic name. Some people believe the suffix antha means flower.


The popularity of Samantha in England and Wales stands at number 324. Number one in 1980, the popularity of Samantha had experienced a sharp decline before leveling off in 2010.

Variations of Smantha

Some people opt for naming their baby Sam or Sammie, a nickname for Samantha.

Famous People with the Name

Bewitched was an American situation comedy television series in the United States, but in the middle 1960’s the American series started airing in England. The lead character, Samantha, who was married to Darrin an advertising executive for McMan & Tate, had greatly influenced the popularity of Samantha in England.

Samantha Sheffield Cameron is British business executive who is married to David Cameron, who has been the Prime Minister of England since May 11, 2010.

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