Discover the Meaning and Origin of the Name Shannon

The meaning of Shannon goes far back into history. It probably derives from Siannon, or Little Siann. The name Siann itself means “old and wise,” and both Siann and Shannon come from the mythical Sionna, who was the goddess of wisdom. Sionna was also the protector of the River Shannon and gave the river its name.

The name Shannon is further connected with wisdom because the River Shannon flowed from a magic well in the underworld. The well was a source of enlightenment, and those who ate the red fruit that grew by it would become wise. One could also gain great insight by consuming the salmon from the well.

Shannon’s Popularity

Shannon can be both a girl’s and a boy’s name. As a unisex name, it ranks 3,822nd in the U.K. However, as a girl’s name, it made the list of the top 659th names in Ireland.

Famous Shannons

Famous people named Shannon include Shannon Harris, a beauty and fashion expert from New Zealand who has a channel on YouTube called Shaaanxo. There’s also 17-year-old pop singer Shannon, who was born in London and played Cosette in Le Miserables at age 7.

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