Origin of the Name Sharon

The name Sharon can be used for male or female, however it is most commonly used as a female name. The name Sharon can be spelled with one R or two. The meaning of Sharon originates from a plain on the coast of Israel. It is referred to as a fertile land filled with roses and oak trees.

Meaning of Sharon

The meaning of Sharon has also been linked to the Rose of Sharon shrub, a flowering shrub in the hibiscus family. Rose of Sharon was also a character in one of the great novels of John Steinbeck, “The Grapes of Wrath”.


The popularity of Sharon was at it’s most prominent in the 1920’s through the 1960’s, taking a decline in the decades that followed. In the 19th century Sharon was a more common male name than it is today, as exampled by Sharon Turner a male historian who studied Icelandic and Anglo-Saxon literature.

Famous Females call Sharon

Some current examples of famous women with this name are wife of Ozzy Osbourne and TV host Sharon Osbourne, actress Sharon Stone, and former Olympian Sharron Davies.

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