Skye – Pick This Name For Your New Born Baby

The big is finally here and your baby girl has arrived. Now comes the first challenge of parenthood,. What do you name your brand new baby? You have all sorts of ideas but you want to make sure that you get the perfect name for the perfect little girl.

Meaning and Origin of Skye

The magazine you were glancing through while you were waiting for the birth of your baby you saw the name Skye. Where does the Skye name originate? What is the meaning of Skye? In addition, what is the popularity of Skye?

Some sources indicate that the name originates from the country of Scotland and after the  island near the west coast of the country with the name Skye. Although other references report that the name comes from the Sky. Wherever its actual origin Skye is popular in many parts of Britain.


If you are worried about Skye as a hugely popular name, that is not a concern as it is the 86th most popular name in England (in 2013 Government Statistics) and 41st most popular girls’ name in Scotland (2013).

Celebrities Called Skye

There are some celebrities associated with the name Skye, they include an English singer Skye Edwards, Actress Skye McCole Bartusiak, and Canadian Singer Skye Sweetnam.
The name Skye is a wonderful choice for the new addition to your family. It is very original, and is associated with a rich history.

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