Meaning and Variants of the Name Summer

The English girl’s name Summer is represented by one of the four seasons. The meaning of the name Summer is this child was born in the Summer. The name Summer has three variations: Summer, Somer and Sommer. As far as the names of seasons go, Summer places second behind Autumn as a popular seasonal name for a girl.

Popularity of the Name Summer

Summer is a popular name over many English speaking countries. In 2012 Summer was the 40th most popular girls name in England and in 2011 it was 40th most popular in Australia, 51st most common in Canada and placed 82nd in Ireland. The girl’s name Summer ranked 173rd in the United States for girls born in 2011. The name Summer has placed in the top 300 girl’s names for the past forty-three consecutive years in the US. In the 1990 census Summer ranked 648th overall for a girl’s name.

Famous and Fake People Named Summer

Some notable famous people who share the name Summer are the actress Summer Glau, 1975 Miss USA Summer Bartholomew, opera singer Summer Watson and the singer Summer. Some fictional people that were named Summer are Summer Quinn from Baywatch, Summer Roberts from the OC and Summer Newman from the popular soap opera the Young and the Restless.


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