Meaning and Origin of the Name Tara

Tara is an Celtic baby name for girls. The meaning of Tara in Irish means where kings met. It also means Tara hall where the ancient Bards sang deeds of Irish heroes.

In English the name Tara means a star.

Variations in Tara’s Spelling

This name may have different alternative spellings. They include Taira, Tarra, Terra, Thara and Farah.

Famous People with the Name Tara

Below are powerful women who bring popularity of Tara:

• Tara Parker-Tomkinson she is an English Socailite.
• Tara D’Souza- she was an Indian film actress and model
• Tara Brown- she is an Australian television presenter
• Tara Buck- she is an American actress
• Tara Campbell- she is a Canadian water polo player
• Tara Conner- she was Miss USA 2006
• Tara Dakides- she is an American snowboarder
Above are some of the few famous people that bear the name Tara. This therefore shows that the meaning of the name is true. If you wish your daughter to be a star in her life then name her Tara!

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