Origin and Variations of the Name Tasha

Although Tasha is a derivative of Natasha, a girl’s name of Russian origins, it is not the only variation or deviation; Tasher, Tascha, Natascha, and Natacha are three notable variations.

As Tasha is derived from “Natasha,” Natasha is derived from the name “Natalie.” Parents who choose the name Tasha for their child do so for factors and reasons other than popularity. Indeed, the popularity of Tasha as a name has it non-existent among the top hundred English baby names.


As to the name’s meaning, the root meaning of Tasha translates from Russian as a name commonly given to those born on or around Christmas; evidence for this translation from the name’s Latin roots which translate as “Natal Day.”

Famous People called Tasha

Famous people with the first name of Tasha, or variants thereof, include:

  • Tasha Smith is an American actress mostly associated with Tyler Perry’s media film projects.
  • Tasha Tah is an Anglo-Indian pop singer.
  • Tasha Tudor was an American author of child literature who received the Caldecott award for her work on multiple occasions.
  • Tasha Williams is a Kiwi Olympic athlete known for her prowess in the hammer throw.

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