The Meaning Origin of the Name Tori

The real meaning of Tory (or Tori) is victory, or triumphant, in Latin. This name was used in the fourth century. Tori is derived from the name Victoria.

The name Tory was not adopted into the English language until Queen Elizabeth, in the nineteenth century. The popularity of Tory peaked in the 1990’s. Another meaning for the name Tori can also mean bird.


In 2015 only 818 people had the name Tori. It would seem the popularity of this name has gone down, even though the urban dictionary states that Tori is the most awesome girl someone can meet.

Trates of People Called Tori

Women with this name are said to have great power, wealth, and are very successful in any business ventures. Tori’s are also said to be neglectful of their homes and families because they focus more on the business side of life. There is also a great need to work well with others and to be appreciated. It is said that to know a Tor is to know someone with an awesome personality, and can be the best friend a person can ever have.

Famous People with the Name

Two American singer and song writer Tori Amos and Tori Kelly.

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