The Meaning of Tracy

Although the name “Tracy” signifies either a boy or a girl, in the British Isle parents usually give the name to a baby girl. The meaning of Tracy lies in the distant past. At least one source attributes the origins to the ancient Anglo-Saxon word for “brave.” However, majority opinion today holds that the Tracy name likely arose in France, through the addition of a Celtic suffix “-ako” used to signify property to the Latin location “Thracius.”

The Popularity of Tracy

Whatever its ancient origins, the popularity of Tracy as a name in England remains beyond dispute. The Tracy name became the surname of an influential family who moved to the British Isle from the vicinity of Tracy-Bocage in Normandy. It gradually became a first name over the course of centuries. In fact, by the 1960s, both “Tracey” (spelled with an “e”) and “Tracy” had become widespread, the 6th and 12th most commonly used girls names in 1964 in the UK.

Some Famous People

Today, a number of celebrities go by the first name of “Tracy.” These people include the psychic medium Tracy Higgs, Mrs. Michael J. Fox (born “Tracy Pollen) and actress Tracy Kristine Nelson.

There are also famous fictional characters like Tracy Barlow from┬áthe British TV soap Coronation Street or Tracy Beaker from the book and children’s TV show by the same name.

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