Meaning of the Name Trudy

Some sources cite the Trudy name as having Germanic roots and others tie it being British in origin. It is thought that it originally came about as a short form of the name “Gertrude”.

The meaning of Trudy is “spear of strength” or sometimes “universal strength.” Variations include Trudi and Trudie and is seen as innocent, sincere, and bright-eyed if not a bit outdated. It is a name used mostly in English-speaking countries.


The most recent baby name statistics from 2014 rank the Trudy name as 3514th. Only six baby girls in the entire country born during 2014 were given the name Trudy.

The popularity of Trudy grew between 2013 and 2014, going up from being 4050th in 2013.

Famous People with the First Name Trudy

Trudy is not a very common name. Two famous Brits that share the name are Trudy Bellinger, a British music video director, and the character “Monk” on TV’s wife, Trudy Anne Ellison Monk.

There have been very many famous people named Gertrude but only recently has the Trudy name developed into being a name in its own right.

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